Pre-Primary School

Admission open for Academic year - 2019-20

Levels J1 to J5 (Classes I-V) comprise the Primary School. Entry to the Junior 1 level is at 5 years. While scholars of Junior 1 and 2 are Day Scholars, those of levels Junior 3 and above are admitted as Day-Boarders.

aim is to help children to realize their maximum potential. We believe in the worth of each individual and see education as a preparation for life.

Our Primary School curriculum covers the six areas of learning:

Personal, social and emotional development
Communication, language and literacy
Mathematical development
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Physical development
Creative development

We have high standards at Lower and Junior School and aim to send the children off to Middle School as happy, well-balanced children who enjoy learning and face challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.

Admissions open for Academic year 2019-20.
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